UK vs Australia Property Prices – What Your Money Can Buy

When people consider moving overseas for work or to live permanently, one of the first things they look at are the prices of property and the general cost of living.

With prices of property in the United Kingdom almost unattainable for many Brits, particularly within London, people are not only starting to look outside of the capital cities but to other countries as well.

The average price of a property in the United Kingdom ranges from £185,965 in the East Midlands through to £571,792 in London with prices expected to continue to rise due to demand from international investors.

Australia too is experiencing a property boom, however, their prices offer a lot more ‘bang for your buck.’ Ranging from $413,00 (£236,455) in the city of Adelaide through to $750,000 (£429,399) in Sydney.

According to local business directory localsuburb the quality of living in Australia also has an attractive price tag with an average of 261 days of sunshine in Queensland, which is additional incentive for Brits looking to make the journey to the land Down Under. With over 670,000 British Nationals visiting Australia every year, it is not surprising that many of them choose to make their next visit more permanent when they experience first-hand what their pound can buy in the property market.

If you are currently living in the UK and interested in the real estate opportunities available in Australia for a potential immigration to Australia, please contact our head office for more information.