NET MIGRATION not meeting governments targets by 2020 according to Treasury experts.

The target is expected to double by the turn of the decade accounting for a 700,000 surge in employment in the next five years.  Of the 700,000 three-quarters of these will be accounted for by migrants.

The predictions which are still uncertain because of the Governments Brexit strategy shows how net migration is expected to look whilst also considering how to controls Britain’s borders.

Estimated Migration Numbers.

2017 – 232,000

2018 – 226,000

2019 – 207,000

2020 – 196,000

By these estimations, it looks like net migration will account for almost half of the United Kingdom’s population growth over the upcoming years.

OBR board member Charlie Bean said “employment should rise from 31.9 million to more than 32.5 million in 2021”. Which clearly shows almost half of the total UK population.

Original Source: The Sun