moving to sydney

Moving to Sydney

Sydney is a major business gateway to Australia as well as a progressive and cultured world city
surrounded by iconic beaches, World Heritage sites and famous wine regions of the State of New South Wales.

Features of Sydney Australia

1) International Diversity

Sydney is a fabulous place to live in regards to its bustling and vibrant array of cultural diversity. People, businesses, public events and festivals all reflect a multitude of rich cultural backgrounds that stem from all over the globe. Sydney is full of worldly cuisine, shops, performances, art installations and even suburbs whose international character attract both tourists and immigrants alike. No matter your individual heritage and cultural background, there is always something to do and new things to try in Sydney.

2) Ease of Transport

Sydney has many means of public transportation that allow it’s residents to move about the city and surrounding suburbs with ease. Not all ‘Sydneysiders’ require a vehicle to manage their daily activities as the city has buses, a light rail system, ferries and trains. The public transportation network in Sydney covers not only downtown Sydney but also the surrounding suburban regions and extends to the Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, and South Coast regions.

3) Surrounding Nature

Even though Sydney is a modern metropolitan you will never be far from Australia’s unique wildlife. There are many large parks and nature reserves in and surrounding the city and hiking, or ‘bushwalking’, is a very popular activity. If you are not a hiker, there are multiple botanical gardens and beaches that are open year round.

4) Economy

Despite the Global Financial Crisis in recent years, Australia’s economy has remained stable and strong. Sydney is known for it’s high cost of living, but once you are working in the city there are many opportunities to save money and invest in your future. The Australian dollar has remained strong for a long time and this is quite appealing to travelers and those considering migrating.

Migration Agents in Sydney

Sydney is a very popular destination internationally for those looking to relocate. United Kingdom expats have found the city and surrounding regions to be a perfect place to find job opportunities and to raise families thus we have migration agents located in Sydney who are not only experienced in Australia’s immigration laws and visas, but also extensive knowledge on the Sydney region itself. If you are considering moving to Sydney, a Sydney-based Mygration team member will be available to guide you through your visa application process and assist you in the transition into the Sydney lifestyle.

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