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Moving to Perth

Perth is the biggest city on the Western coast of Australia and is known best for its idyllic weather conditions that consist of hot summers and mild winters. The activities and the beach-side landscape of Perth has attracted a large expat community.

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1) International Diversity

As the capital of WA and the fourth largest city in Australia, Perth is an ideal location for those looking to move abroad for both excitement, relaxation and reliable work. Perth’s population density is low with an estimated 2 million residents, yet Perth is a lively and bustling city with a large expat community. The casual lifestyle, gorgeous beaches and great weather Perth has to offer has attracted a lot of international attention. Many Britons have settled happily in Perth having found progressive job and business opportunities to suit their needs.

2) Ease of Transport

Transperth operates a variety of public transport options for it’s the residence and tourists of metropolitan Perth include sightseeing shuttles, buses, trains and ferries. Alternatively scooter hire is fairly popular as well.

3) Surrounding Nature

The city of Perth and its surrounding regions are a smorgasbord of  nature and wildlife experiences from nature reserves, botanical gardens and protected wildlife parks to world class bush-walking trails and stunning expansive beaches. A large portion of the tourism in Perth is attributed to showing off the Western Australia nature. Popular activities are marine life tours such as whale and dolphin watching and visiting penguin habitats and wildlife encounter tours that showcase koala, kangaroo and quokka habitats.

4) Economy

Despite the end of Perth’s “mining boom” the region has held a steady and strong job market and overall economy. The Western Australia News stated that Perth expected to not only stay strong in the coming decade but become a global economic hot spot – even greater than it’s larger sibling cities Melbourne and Sydney.

Migration Agents in Sydney

Perth’s lifestyle and it’s stable economy make it a great destination for those looking to move to Australia. If you are considering immigration to Perth we would love to put you in touch with one of our Perth-based migration agents who are who are not only experienced in Australia’s immigration laws and visas, but also extensive knowledge on the Perth region itself. Having a Perth-based Mygration team member will be invaluable in guiding you through your visa application process and in assisting you with the transition into the Perth lifestyle.

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