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Moving to Melbourne

Melbourne is very well-known for it’s cultural diversity that drive a constant array of music and art festivals, live theatre and outdoor performances,
and it’s cuisine-driven events. Melbourne is also known for being the most sport crazy city in Australia.

Features of Sydney Australia

1) Arts and Entertainment

Melbourne is the city of culture. Every type of music, cuisine and sport can be found in Melbourne and all are celebrated throughout the year for the public’s enjoyment. There is literally always something to do and is a very popular tourist destination because of this. Being one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Australia, immigration in Melbourne is high and those who move there are very likely to find their niche quickly.

2) Ease of Transport

Melbourne is a very busy tourist destination so transportation throughout the region is very well organised and accessible. Within the city itself there are buses, trains and a tram that not only run all day long in high frequency but is scheduled to start running throughout the night to most regions. Currently there is a system of night bus routes that cater to city dwellers. Also within the city, there is a visitor shuttle, bike and car sharing systems. In the surrounding regions the bus and rail systems are most useful and are widely connected.

3) Wildlife and Nature

Within the city centre, Melbourne is very nature-inclusive. It has many lush parks and public gardens, waterways and public beaches. There are also many zoos and aquariums that are open year-round. Outside of the CBD, residents can visit the nearby Phillip Island that hosts penguin habitats, drive along the Great Ocean Road that overlooks the natural rock-formation-lined coast, visit protected wildlife sanctuaries by steam train and event take part in a Savannah ‘walkabout’ through the regions kangaroo inhabited plains.

4) Economy

As Victoria’s capital, Melbourne is the busiest, administrative, cultural and recreational hub of the state and a major contributor to Australia’s economy as a whole. In the greater Melbourne area almost 3/4 of the population is working full time and only an estimated 5.5% are still seeking employment. The strong labour force in Melbourne makes it a great place for immigrants to settle and find steady work or start a business of their own.

Migration Agents in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very popular destination internationally for those looking to relocate with aspirations of job or business opportunities and for all of the things to see and do year round. Our Melbourne based migration agents are not only experienced in Australia’s immigration laws and visas, but also have extensive knowledge on the Melbourne region itself. If you are considering immigration to Melbourne, a Melbourne-based Mygration team member will be available to guide you through your visa application process and assist in the transition to your new Melbourne lifestyle.

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