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Moving to Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is third biggest city in the country. Brisbane has it all: a warm climate, beaches, city life, farming, wildlife, mountains and more! In recent years more and more expats are moving to Brisbane rather than it’s larger siblings Sydney and Melbourne.

Features of Brisbane Australia

1) Climate and Diverse Landscapes

Brisbane is located a region that has been categorised as sub-tropical, meaning that Brisbane is warm and sunny almost all year round and is host to typical tropical wildlife such as palm trees, rain forests, sandy beaches, vibrant coloured birds and exotic marine life. Within the city centre, Brisbane has a modern and bustling atmosphere that is ever-evolving with new and creative architecture, art installations and performances, specialty cafes, high-class restaurants and a multitude of activities and entertainment options. Outside of the city, Brisbane’s surrounding suburbs include vast green farmlands, forested mountains with hiking trails and waterfalls, small-town communities and of course the world-famous Australia Zoo.

2) Ease of Transport

Not unlike it’s larger siblings (Sydney and Melbourne), Brisbane has many transportation options available for tourists and immigrants to utilise. Within the inner city buses are free of charge and there are city-owned bicycles you can hire throughout the CBD if you desire. Leaving the heart of Brisbane is just as easy as Brisbane is tightly linked to the majority of South East Queensland through the Translink system, which is comprised of buses, ferries and rail services.

3) Surrounding Nature

Due to the warm climate and often sunny weather conditions you will have many opportunities to explore the natural wildlife of Queensland when living in Brisbane. Brisbanites are known for being very active outdoors as there are parks, hiking trails, nature reserves, camping areas, rivers and lakes, beaches, mountains and natural caves all within reach. Queensland is famous for it’s array of unique animals such as kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras and coral reef fish.

4) Economy

Because Brisbane is in a state of steady growth and is not overcrowded, there are many opportunities to find employment within the city and surrounding towns. Median house prices are much less than in Sydney or Melbourne and much less expensive than that of Perth in Western Australia.

Migration Agents in Sydney

Brisbane is becoming one of the most popular destinations within Australia for those looking to immigrate. United Kingdom expats have found the city and surrounding regions to be a perfect place to find job opportunities, to raise families and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in the tropics. We have a multitude of migration agents located in Brisbane who are not only experienced in Australia’s immigration laws and visas, but also extensive knowledge of Brisbane City and the full South East Queensland region. If you are considering moving to Brisbane or it’s surrounding cities such as the Gold Coast, a Brisbane-based Mygration team member will be available to guide you through your visa application process and assist you in the transition into the Brisbane lifestyle.

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