Cory Bernardi is looking to campaign on halving Australia’s migrant intake, stating “it makes economic sense”.

Senator Bernardi who supports Donald Trump said a “more stringent assessment process would ensure migrants come to Australia for the right reasons”. One the same note he said he had never advocated on restricting muslims.

What Cory is looking for is a more stringent process that would benefit Australia both economically, socially and culturally for the benefit to Australian business and the Australian people.

He states that we would need to address the characteristics of the individual to see if they are going to fit in and abide by the Australian rule of law, what skills they will bring that Australia needs to fill the skills shortages and will they make our nation stronger.

Under the Australian refugee and humanitarian program there are 13,750 places available which is set to increase to 18,750 between 2018 and 2019. 12000 extra places have been announced by the Abbot government fleeing the Syria and Iraqi conflicts.

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