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Final resolution for the Australian Backpacker Tax

Australian Backpacker Tax is going to be 15 per cent since the Greens agreed with the government on the last parliamentary sitting day for 2016. There has been much controversy to bring about a resolution. On Thursday the 1st December 2016 the government stayed put with its support for 15 per cent tax. Earlier in the week the […]

Australian Federal Government Considering Changes to Citizenship Test

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the Australian federal government is considering a plan to replace the Howard government citizenship test with questions that aim to put a stop to people rorting the system. Questions currently based on civics and citizenship, the system of government, national flag and historical events.  The considered changes would reportedly […]

UK vs Australia Property Prices – What Your Money Can Buy

When people consider moving overseas for work or to live permanently, one of the first things they look at are the prices of property and the general cost of living. With prices of property in the United Kingdom almost unattainable for many Brits, particularly within London, people are not only starting to look outside of […]