Australia’s high commissioner in London, Alexander Downer, states since Brexit that Australians should have the same right to work in the UK as the European citizens.

Speaking to The Times newspaper he hopes the UK’s post-Brexit immigration policy would factor in Australians being treated inline with EU immigrants.

Whats happening with Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May made an unprecedented appearance in the House of Lords on February 20th 2017 in negotiations in not to delay the UK’s (Brexit) withdrawal from the EU.

How long will Brexit take

Theresa May wants to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017, this will start the ball rolling on a 2 year process of negotiations talks with the EU which is effectively what they are calling the Brexit Divorce.

If all goes to plan (which many MPs think will take longer),  then in theory, the UK could walk away from the EU by April 2019, there may be a deadline extension if negotiation deals are not agreed.

What is Article 50

Article 50 is known as The Lisbon Treaty.    The Lisbon Treaty became law on the 1st of December 2009 which was setup to make the European Union more efficient, transparent and democratic.  The Lisbon Treaty agreement was signed by all EU member heads of state, it is still very unclear and will require hundreds of treasury lawyers to negotiate the final agreement.

Great Britain’s can only enter into the vast suite of complex negotiations to divorce from the EU once Article 50 of The Treaty of Lisbon is formally triggered by the UK (estimated to be by the end of March 2017).