Australia Seek Better AU – UK Migration Deal.

Alexander Downer said Australia would seek better access for its businesspeople before agreeing a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK he states that Britain needs to relax the immigration rules.

Prime Minister Theresa May has openly made it very clear her intentions to reform relationships with the EU so she can agree trade deals with other countries around the world.

Australia are very keen to reach a deal with Great Britain especially after Donald Trump’s wishes to make an “American first” – “Make America great again” strategy which raises doubts on UK-US agreements.

Mr Downer spoke with the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in January and said: “He would like to see better access for Australian businesspeople working in the UK as part of the free trade negotiations which has not always the way.

When Australia Invests.
“For example:  An Australian company that invests in the UK might want to bring some of its executives to the UK which can be possible with what are called tier 2 visas but should be made easier to do as the process is quite complex.   A deal for the free movement and goods of services negotiations between the UK and the AU is much needed as well as negotiations over visa arrangements which could be conducted as a separate matter rather than as one big picture.

Mr Downer further stated an Australia-UK agreement could be reached very quickly after Brexit, given that Canberra struck a deal with the US in eight months under George W Bush’s presidency.

Building The Two Nation Relations.
Australia and the UK have set up a working group to explore the scope of what a free trade agreement might look like as Australia cannot negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK until the time is right when they have left the EU under Brexit.