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How to Migrate to Australia

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Final resolution for the Australian Backpacker Tax

Australian Backpacker Tax is going to be 15 per cent since the Greens agreed with the government on the last parliamentary sitting day for 2016. There has been much controversy to bring about a resolution.

On Thursday the 1st December 2016 the government stayed put with its support for 15 per cent tax. Earlier in the week the government lost a vote in the Senate which would have seen the 15 per cent proposal become law.

If no resolution was sought by Thursday the 1st December then the original 32.5 per cent tax rate would be in force from 1 January 2017.

The higher new tax rate has seen seasonal workers in agriculture and tourism virtually dry up which is not good for Australia, especially farmers and remote businesses alike. The National Farmers’ Federation has long been lobbying for government to agree to the 15 per cent rate saying that “enough is enough”.