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UK vs Australia Property Prices – What Your Money Can Buy

When people consider moving overseas for work or to live permanently, one of the first things they look at are the prices of property and the general cost of living.

With prices of property in the United Kingdom almost unattainable for many Brits, particularly within London, people are not only starting to look outside of the capital cities but to other countries as well.

The average price of a property in the United Kingdom ranges from £185,965 in the East Midlands through to £571,792 in London with prices expected to continue to rise due to demand from international investors.

Australia too is experiencing a property boom, however, their prices offer a lot more ‘bang for your buck.’ Ranging from $413,00 (£236,455) in the city of Adelaide through to $750,000 (£429,399) in Sydney.

According to local business directory localsuburb the quality of living in Australia also has an attractive price tag with an average of 261 days of sunshine in Queensland, which is additional incentive for Brits looking to make the journey to the land Down Under. With over 670,000 British Nationals visiting Australia every year, it is not surprising that many of them choose to make their next visit more permanent when they experience first-hand what their pound can buy in the property market.

If you are currently living in the UK and interested in the real estate opportunities available in Australia for a potential immigration to Australia, please contact our head office for more information.

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Why British Families are Flying ‘South’ to the Southern Hemisphere

The United Kingdom has always had a soft spot for its ‘smaller’ cousin Australia as the countries have been bound together throughout history and supporting each other during the World Wars. This connection deepens with many of the English mannerisms and culture traits being adopted by Australians so it’s not surprising that many British families are looking at Australia as a potential new home.

Australia’s offerings for families are plentiful with the main magnet being that of the amazing weather and outdoor lifestyle.  However, there are many other reasons UK families are making the move Down Under:

  • Primary and High School Education
  • Tertiary Education
  • Real estate opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Health care
  • Sporting culture

If you are interested in the opportunities available to you and your family in moving to Australia, please contact one of our registered migration agents today.

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How Brexit has Opened the Doors to Australian Workers

With confirmation of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, there has been a lot of concern expressed by companies based in the UK about the possible restrictions on sourcing skilled workers.

This change in immigration and working rights of EU citizens working in the UK may cause a review on the recently introduced legislation seeing Australians earning below £35,000 being deported from the country.

As new immigration legislation is being created and is planned to be officially enforced two years from the official resignation of Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, there is a feeling of unrest among employees and employers alike who are using or working under the immigration visa program.

Australian workers will however have a distinct advantage in having more job opportunities available through the openings left by Skilled workers from the EU.  With currently 87,000 Australians living in the UK, all of whom were allowed to vote in the Brexit, the aftermath of the restrictions on workers is yet to be seen.

One thing that has been affirmed, is Australia and Britain’s long-standing relationship and loyalty towards each other under the Commonwealth.

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Britain is introduced to new PM Theresa May

Theresa May has been announced as Britain’s new Prime Minister in the wake of the resignation of David Cameron after the Brexit vote.

A graduate from Oxford University and having a career in finance, working at the United Kingdom’s Reserve Bank, Theresa May became a local councilor in 1986.  Her official initiation into British Parliament was in 1997 as the MP for Maidenhead.

Upon her recent appointment as Prime Minister, Theresa May announced her primary cabinet positions as follows:

  • Chancellor: Phillip Hammond
  • Defense: Michael Fallon
  • Home: Amber Rudd

In addition to Prime Minister, Theresa May also holds the title of being Britain’s second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher who was in office from 1979 to 1990. However, her reign is over a very different and divided nation with 52% of Brits voting to leave against 48% wishing to remain as part of the European Union.

This will be one of her primary roles in the first twelve months of bringing unity back to the country and beginning the tedious process of the country ‘leaving’ the United Kingdom.

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Job Opportunities in Australia

When it comes to popularity, Australia seems to offer the biggest appeal to Brits wanting to experience a working holiday. With a mutual agreement in place between the United Kingdom and Australia, there has been a very accepting immigration policy between the nations allowing citizens to travel abroad and work in the country.

The most in demand skilled industries as listed on the recent Hudson Report are predominantly technology based and include:

  •         Cloud technologies
  •         App development
  •         Network and cloud security
  •         Mobile technology development
  •         Construction
  •         Environmental
  •         Systems Engineering
  •         Project Management

If you are interested in living and working in Australia, please contact our head office today and speak with one of our qualified migration agents.

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Brexit and the Changing Face of British Immigration

With the Brexit officially done and dusted, British Immigration is moving into a new chapter as legislation, policies and procedures will all be under review. Through ought the Leave and Stay campaigns, which made up the Brexit, UK residents were given lots of information on what Brexit would mean for the economy, lifestyle, property prices and immigration.

In summary, this is what has been forecast for the United Kingdom’s immigration department:

  • Currently 49.5% of immigrants to the UK are from the European Union. This figure is expected to drop when the new legislation is enforced in the coming years and this will also depend on the UK’s decision whether to remain as part of the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Proposed ‘Australian-style points based immigration system’.
  • No proposed changes for Irish citizens living and working in the UK.

The effects of Brexit are still in its infancy with many of the discussed changes not coming into play until next year at the earliest.